Parachute or Backpack

Mike Simpson created this video for Parachute or Backpack. Check it out!


Summer is coming to an end and it makes me think of this place. Have a listen.


Happy Holidays. What a year…

Though there are a lot more serious, pressing and interesting things that should warrant your attention, I put out a recording in the spring. A lot of people ignored it. Some people loved it. You can download it free here.  It’s on Spotify and Apple Music too.

Besides Benji and the new Antemasque, I listened to this the most in 2014. I listened to it In my car, on my runs, in bed. It’s weird to admit listening to my own record but I like it. It spent a lot of time in my head and I am I’m grateful to those who helped put it into the ether and to those who sat down with it and made it through an entire listen.

I wanted to play more shows this year but I broke my wrist and tore some ligaments. Injuries be damned though, I kept writing with a cast on and the new songs are awesome. I’m getting ready to to record something new. I hope it is done by March. I’d be happy if you check in to see how I’m coming along.

Happy New Year Everyone! You’ll be hearing from me in 2015.

Ghosts of Kowloon now available on iTunes

Ghosts of Kowloon is finally available on iTunes. Mike Simpson designed the booklet for the digital release which includes lyrics, credits and photos.

Moving Pictures

Not sure what was going on with my hair at the time, but my dear pal Ravi Steve made this lovely looking video for Shinkansen over the summer. Please watch. Vimeo page and more stuff coming soon.


Ghosts of Kowloon for sale and stream on Bandcamp

This week you can download Ghosts of Kowloon for free or pay what you want. If you enjoy it, please share.


[bandcamp width=700 height=500 album=1427525553 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=63b2cc artwork=small]



Danke Schön!

When ever I hear this I think of my dear, departed father imitating Wayne Newton in a corny, self-deprecating German accent. In retrospect, he was a comic genius and probably would’ve been a YouTube sensation.

In all seriousness though, Wednesday night was awesome. Craig, Brad and Lucas, you guys are great. I want to thank Jonathan, Ryan and everyone at Wavelength, Stephen at General Chaos Visuals, Martin at Cinecycle, Magali, Liz and Picastro, my friends, family and everyone who attended. Here are some pics from my pal Mike Simpson as well as a link to a photo set from the talented Smm Kddsh.




Ghosts of Kowloon is now available.

image IMG_9993

Hi. Ghosts of Kowloon, my debut solo record is now available. It has been posted on Bandcamp and it can be heard and purchased here. It will be up on iTunes soon and I will post a link shortly. I also have a limited edition run of CDs screened by Kid Icarus in Toronto. Finally, I am playing tonight at Cinecycle, Magali Meagher of the Phonemes, myself and my band of ghosts are supporting long running Toronto greats Picastro. Magali is on at 8:30, I’m on at 9:30 and Picastro play at 10:30. Say hello.


Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. Read an interview I did with Wavelength here.

Guess what?

I’m proud to announce that we are supporting Picastro for the later of two record release shows at Cinecycle for Wavelength 593 on April 9th. Magali Meagher is playing the earlier show at 7:30PM.  Check out the beautifully designed show poster by Jason Paré below.

If the stars are aligned, there will be physical copies of my record for sale. It will be available for digital download next week as well. Check back here for details.

Wavelength 593

Looping Madness. Harmonic Sadness.

I’m playing a solo show at the Magpie on Sunday March 16th at 9:30pm. What else is going on? I play after the Simpsons.


magpieMagpie Show Flyer5


Solo show: Sunday November 3rd
@ The Holy Oak


My record is done and should be ready and out by December. There will be full band shows after. But for now, I’m going Han Solo.

Sunday November 3rd. The Holy Oak Cafe 1241 Bloor Street West. 9:00 PM

Heading-MrTiger_Hi_xlI’m a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.
In the increasingly distant past, I’ve played, toured and recorded with Search Party, Two Line Filler, Drop Forge, Eight Pound Test, Dead Season, The Great Forgetting and Four Square.

Often fuzzy, pretty and reflexively sad, Ghosts of Kowloon is my first solo release. It is a densely-layered, autobiographical set that pays homage to my motorik pulse, dodgy post-hardcore past and love for my electric guitars. With the exception of Steve Dagg providing his drumming talents, I basically played everything else on these songs. One is a lonely number.

Recorded by dim sum aficionado and kindred musical spirit Lucas Rose, Ghosts of Kowloon is a document of my fascination of open-tuned electric guitars, reckless use of delay pedals and pensive lyrical reflections on dogs, death, love and loss. Reflect, regret, repeat.

Hopefully, I’m aging (dis)gracefully.



This is Shinkansen. I’m at 


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